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Southern logistics is a full Tank Farms storage and logistics company.

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SOUTHERN LOGISTICS, is situated in Florida. SOUTHERN LOGISTICS and its international distribution center have direct access to the open sea and the European hinterland, which is a unique location for producing and distributing finished and intermediate products such as LPG, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Florida is the European center for petrochemical activities and is the engine of the Dutch economy.

SOUTHERN LOGISTICS ” Tank Farms storage company operates in Florida Port, Houston Port, Novorossiysk Port, Qingdao Port, and many more counterparts around the world, which are operated by our management in charge of all oil companies’ necessary bills for storage and handling their products. Our tank farm “SOUTHERN LOGISTICS ” are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy-duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities.

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MT 12 Barge Cargo Tanks


Tank Size from 2,000 to 100,000



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A full Tank farm and Logistics company in the United States

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"Southern Logistics" are highly qualified in what we do as an organization with a vision to be number one, our customer satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment and quality storage delivery, we are also in the acquisition, oil and gas storage and shipping of high technology, oil and gas tools / parts and heavy engineering. You can count on us to make this a hassle free experience for your tank storage inquiries. Major hubs are terminals along major shipping routes, where many suppliers and customers are active and where efficient supply chain management processes are of most importance. At Southern Logistics, we aim to be the leader in independent petroleum storage and logistics, via a successful strategy of developing and acquiring key assets to create a global network of hydrocarbon and chemical terminals. We have acquired, and are developing, key locations around the world. This will help us to handle distribution to the domestic and international consumer market.

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Linked to the North American rail network for distribution throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico


Multiple stainless steel rail header systems enabling the loading and unloading of up to 110 rail cars on eight tracks


Direct transfer from rail cars to ships or barges, at rates up to 500 cbm (3,500 bbls) per hour


14 truck stations with multiple load-on-scale racks located throughout the terminal


Automated scale system controls truck loading process through computerized control features


Trans-loading services through stainless steel transfer system.

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Tank storage in the ARA region

Southern Logistics offers tailor-made solutions for storing your fluids. With tanks of virtually any size, we always have the best solution for your storage requirements. Our terminals in Rotterdam and Houston are optimally reachable by ship, truck, and train.


Southern Logistics has two terminals in Rotterdam and one in Houston. The terminals in Rotterdam are optimally located between Houston and Rotterdam and focus on the European market. They offer storage for biofuels, chemicals, base oils & lubricants and marine fuels. Our Houston location focuses entirely on chemical products.

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