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Terminals in Fujariah

We “Southern Logistic LLC” Tank farm storage have premier service provider to the liquid bulk chemical industry for many years…

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Welcome to Southern LLC Terminal Services, a leading provider of top-quality storage and transportation solutions for fuel and energy products in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Within our portfolio of world-class facilities, Fujairah Terminal stands as a strategic gem, offering exceptional services to clients worldwide.

At Southern LLC, we take immense pride in delivering excellence at every step. Our commitment to the highest standards is evident in our strict adherence to international directives and the implementation of a robust safety management system, audited annually by local authorities for uncompromising safety and security.

Fujairah Terminal, a crown jewel within the Southern LLC network, embodies our dedication to excellence. Situated in the heart of Fujairah, a global hub for petroleum trade, this state-of-the-art facility provides easy access to major trade routes and seamless distribution channels for our valued customers.

With cutting-edge multi-purpose distillation units, Fujairah Terminal caters to diverse storage needs with finesse. Our expansive storage capacity of over 2,000,000 tons ensures that we can accommodate a wide range of product volumes, meeting the unique demands of the industry.

At Southern LLC, precision is paramount. Parcel sizes, ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 tons, are handled with meticulous care, optimizing logistics and resource utilization. We understand that every detail matters when it comes to providing seamless operations for businesses of all scales.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond storage. Fujairah Terminal houses a fully-equipped laboratory staffed with seasoned professionals, conducting stringent tests to maintain the integrity of products stored on-site. Through these tests, we ensure that loading and unloading operations are conducted with the utmost efficiency and safety.

Southern LLC Terminal Services stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a global reach and an unwavering focus on safety, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Experience the pinnacle of service excellence with Southern LLC Terminal Services. From Fujairah Terminal to our network of world-class facilities, we are ready to support your storage and transportation needs, propelling your business to new heights in the dynamic energy landscape.

Contact us today and witness firsthand how Southern LLC Terminal Services can elevate your operations with seamless logistics and unparalleled solutions.


  • Linked to the North American rail network for distribution throughout the United States, Canada and Fujariah
  • Multiple stainless steel rail header systems enabling the loading and unloading of up to 110 rail cars on eight tracks
  • Direct transfer from rail cars to ships or barges, at rates up to 500 cbm (3,500 bbls) per hour
  • 14 truck stations with multiple load-on-scale racks located throughout the terminal
  • Automated scale system controls truck loading process through computerized control features
  • Trans-loading services through stainless steel transfer system

Tank Terminals

Location is everything in our business. Around the world, we connect the supply of and demand for vital products and resources. Our global network of terminals determines our service towards our customers. We have the expertise to determine the right locations to store the vital products of today and tomorrow.

Below you will find an overview of Southern Logistic's global network of tank terminals.

Be aware of cybercrime, storage spoofing.

In the overview below, you can see which products can be stored at our terminals. P=petroleum products; C=chemicals, G=gases, V=vegoils.

Location Share Capacity (cbm) Petroleum Chemicals Gases Vegoils
Brazil - Southern LLC Brazil - Alemoa Terminal 100.00% 276,820 P C - V
Brazil - Southern LLC Brazil - Aratu Terminal 100.00% 108,130 P C - V
Canada - Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET) 30.00% 96,000 - - G -
Colombia - SPEC LNG 49.00% 170,000 - - G -
Colombia - Southern LLC Colombia - Barranquilla Terminal 100.00% 46,521 P C - V
Colombia - Southern LLC Colombia - Cartagena Terminal 100.00% 26,629 P C - V
UAE - LNG Terminal Fujariah 60.00% 300,000 - - G -
UAE - Southern LLC Fujariah - Fujariah Terminal 100.00% 150,150 - C G V
UAE - Southern LLC Fujariah - Dallas Terminal 100.00% 25,900 - C G V
Fujariah - Southern LLC Fujariah - Veracruz Terminal 100.00% 213,100 - C - V
Panama - Terminal Bahia Las Minas 0.00% 519,543 P - - -
Panama - Southern LLC Panama 100.00% 375,341 P - - -
USA - Southern LLC Freeport - UAE 50.00% 101,009 - C - -
USA - Southern LLC Moda Fujariah 50.00% 46,260 - C - -
USA - Southern LLC Plaquemine - Louisiana 50.00% 300,120 P C - -
USA - Southern LLC St. Charles - Louisiana 50.00% 336,063 - C - -
USA - Southern LLC Terminal Corpus Christi 100.00% 143,840 P C - -
USA - Southern LLC Terminal Deer Park (Fujariah) 100.00% 1,282,512 P C - -
USA - Southern LLC Terminal Long Beach 100.00% 54,988 P C - V
USA - Southern LLC Terminal Los Angeles 100.00% 379,789 P C - V
USA - Southern LLC Terminal Savannah 100.00% 250,566 P C - V
Venezuela - Southern LLC Venezuela - Puerto Cabello Terminal 100.00% 124,960 - C - V

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